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Apr. 15th, 2008


"He who searches for friends without faults, will never have a friend."

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To be added, just comment. You don't have to say anything profound. Just be friendly.

Apr. 14th, 2008


Accordingly we move along, move along, move along.

Right, I finally got one. I've had a journal for some time over at
somethingdoing  , but just wasn't so committed to it. The stupid thing about this username... I had poemunition a very long time ago, basically claiming it as my moniker because it fit my agenda. But since that account was deleted and purged, I have to pay for what I'm not willing to, and I can't resurrect it even with underscores after the word. This was actually the only variation on the username that worked. They missed it!

Few things I'm doing this week that stick out:
Taking Astrid tomorrow to get her hair cut. Wade, our man, is a good one because he converses and knows that just cutting won't "cut it."
Finally buying speakers on Wednesday for the computer. I'm going to start recording on an album by that night.
We're both going to start reading classic books on a more regular basis. I'm starting with King Solomon's Mines and maybe Out of the Silent Planet.

Seriously, too, I cannot wait until this Batcave reunion concert in June. Specimen and Alien Sex Fiend are both in my history. While they've never been necessarily in any kind of tops list of mine, they have a place in my heart. And how about Jon Klein being their guitarist since the early days? I think I'd like to get him to sign my Peepshow artwork.