Bullets for your Poemunition

"Hello you transcendental scum. How are you enjoying?"

I am younger than I look, a "logical thinker" more than an "empathy feeler", obsessed with Old School Goth and AOR and I believe in the heavy artillery of words. Recording musician, home office slave and mere Christian.

["I think the great lesson of the 20th century is that you have to separate the ethics from the aestetics...The great lesson there is that you don't have to agree with what the Nazis did, but, yes, be honest about it, they did have the best uniforms. A lot of people can't come to terms with something as banal as that." - Andrew Eldritch]

I get a real kick out of JSTOR,
classic epic, general b&w, and feel-good films,
non-fiction reading,
close-up magic,
The Office (U.S. TV series),
and atomic age short films.
ace frehley, alain goraguer, alessandro alessandri, alice cooper, anagrams, archaeology, atari 2600, bauhaus, beryl beloved, biblical christianity, blind willie johnson, bob brozman, bob dylan, brian may, christian death, classic rock, converse sneakers, corpus delicti, danielle dax, david bowie, dire straits, early blues, electric light orchestra, elton john (til 1974), ennio morricone, fad gadget, first century roman empire, first wave post-punk, follow that bird, fraction, gematria, george harrison, ghost dance, gothic rock, indian classical, jimi hendrix experience, john valentine carruthers, jon klein, kiss, klezmer, lacrimosa, legion, love like blood, marc bolan, march violets, mark knopfler, mellotron, mephisto walz, midi, mike garson, mind garage, monty python's flying circus, nes, new model army, patti smith group, paul williams, pee wee's playhouse, pinball, procol harum, queen, roger taylor, rozz williams, sanford and son, sega genesis, serge gainsbourg, shadow project, siouxsie & the banshees, siouxsie and the banshees, sisters of mercy, sitar, skeletal family, snes, soundtracks, southern death cult, street magic, super heroines, t. rex, the beatles, the bee gees, the cuddly toys, the edge, the empire strikes back, the exkursions, the idle race, the move, the muppet show, the ochrana, the office, the point, the southern death cult, the stranglers, the who, theatre of hate, theremin, todd rundgren, tom petty, tom waits (asylum years), u2, valor kand (til 1987), van halen, vintage sesame street, vinyl records, virgin prunes, vst, you asked for it, zip boots